And here are the gigs we played in 2017


Saturday 16th September

Crantock Festival


Opened the second day of the Festival, 12.30-1.10. As you can see, we morphed into a quartet for this gig! Thanks for joining us Catie’s Mum Maggie Cranston

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Monday 28 August

Cornwall Folk Festival

Fringe Tent, 11.30-`2.10
“Shanty Street “, 3.30-4 pm
Welcome back, Frankie! Good to have you back!


Sunday 16 July

Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival

4 pm, Sunday 16th July,

In the Martyrs’ Marquee (after Jeremy’s speech!) )
NB: Jeremy Corbyn is now our warm-up man!


As Frankie was indisposed, we were joined by Catie’s Mum, Maggie Cranston. We now call this our Tolpuddle line-up.


Sunday 28th May

Bude & Stratton Folk Festival

Photo: Melissa Roberts
This session was a blast, as it also featured our good friends Skylark, and Sue Franklin and Tim Brine


Monday 22nd May

Stand Up for Labour 

(Eddie only, but also featuring Robb Johnson)
Sterts Theatre, Upton Cross, Liskeard


Saturday 4 March

Amnesty Fundraiser, Column Acoustic, Devonport Guildhall


Monday 6 January

Bread & Roses, Plymouth