We are ‘Farrell Family’ – Eddie, Frankie and Catie Farrell.
Nowadays our family is based mainly in Devon and Cornwall,
but our origins are in West Cork and Dublin
(as well as England, Scotland, and Central Europe).
Our name is taken from our (great-) grandmother Katie Farrell,
who died in Dublin in April 1916 aged 44.
Without her (but not just her, of course)
none of us would be who or where we are.
We also owe our existence as a family to our (great-) grandfather Jeremiah O’Sullivan snr who in 1915, at the age of 43, volunteered for the third time in his life as British soldier. Several other members of our family also served in The Royal Navy, the Fleet Air Arm, and various Army regiments during World War II.
Here is our tribute to all those members of our family, past and present who served their country.
Farrell Family, ‘Willie McBride’


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