First, here is our tribute to the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire: our version of Kitty Donohoe’s beautiful song

There are no words

Dummy line

Second, here is Eddie and Catie’s latest effort, Theresa? Maybe not.

NB: We hope to have a four part video version of this available soon.

Dummy line

Dummy line

And here are some of our earlier singles, including our first ‘Cornish’ track: Cousin Jack by Steve Knightley (a Devonian – ssshhhh!)

Dummy line

and Catie’s beautiful rendition of Cheap Boats by the great Jon Heslop

Dummy line

Dummy line

Then we have a couple of Eddie’s songs inspired (if that’s the right word) by his experience of fighting unplanned commercial renewable energy schemes

Big Solar Farm

Windfarms of your Mind

dummy line

And finally a home-made video of Eddie’s song

There’s a hole in the budget

(Eddie’s tribute to that stuffed shirt, Jeremy Hunt)

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